Our company

works with businesses like yours to create and deliver behavioural training programmes for your leaders and teams.
During our 30 years in industry, we have first-hand experience of how improving your company’s culture can impact, massively, on your bottom line.

Why invest in people skills for your leaders and teams?

The theory is simple.
1. Investing in your employees increases their engagement.
2. Engaged employees are more productive and happier in their work.
3. Increasing productivity increases your profits.

However, there are many other benefits.

Once your culture is ingrained, it futureproofs your company. By building trust with your staff, they become committed and take greater accountability. They flourish and new employees are easy to attract, as your reputation for being an employer of choice grows.

If your company culture is great, your recruitment costs fall dramatically. Your employees become advocates of your business and the key referral partners when you need to recruit. Imagine people wanting to work for you rather than having to pay to find them.

Finally, if your business experiences a change in trading conditions (e.g. the Covid lockdown), your team will be well-equipped to adapt quickly and deal with an uncertain situation.

What’s the first thing you would do if your workplace had a culture of:


Being present, genuine and true to yourself.


To be brave and conquer all your challenges.


Letting go of misgivings so you can move on and do more.


To be responsible for each and every action.


Doing what you say you’ll do.


Doing the right thing…even when no one’s looking.

Just imagine how your organisation would flourish if your leaders and teams were true to those values?

Why choose us?
Our purpose is to help you develop high-performing leaders and teams. With our help, you will develop a thriving workplace culture, built on trust, commitment and accountability of your leaders and teams.
Our extensive background in engineering and manufacturing provides crucial understanding of your industry.
We’ve experienced your behavioural problems first-hand, we get to the core of your problems and deliver solutions that stick.
If you’re seeking a solution that won’t result in further wasted resources? Behaviours in Business specialise in workplace cultures. By partnering with us, you’ll be one step closer to improving both your employees’ wellbeing and your bottom line.