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Leadership Workshops

This is a series of full or half-day modular workshops that develops, trains and nurtures those who really want to have a positive influence on themselves and others in their organisation. It provides leaders with a broad range of skills that they can take away and apply immediately within their own organisation!
This is enlightened leadership for the business that means business.

Who is it for ?

Essentially your leaders. To survive and succeed companies need to create strong leadership skills at all levels. Organisations need leaders to develop the kind of thinking and action that builds outstanding relationships. They need senior, middle and junior managers to inspire commitment, encourage creativity and peak performance whilst taking the initiative to communicate to everyone.


Self-aware people are dependable and walk the talk because they know what they stand for. They are confident, easy to trust and have the ability to communicate clearly. Their personal experience enables them to know how to motivate others. This develops their natural instinct to influence their associates and cultivate a culture of individual worth. By valuing self-awareness, your organisation will gain credibility and respect. Your culture will become authentic, more adaptable and open to change. In short it enables your people to be their best

Communicating Effectively

Communication in workplace cultures is one of the most necessary processes in business life. Communication is an important process that connects people’s activities to each other and enables them to work comfortably in a group. These skills involve establishing meaningful relationships with your associates, developing the ability to express and transfer your ideas and being a good listener.

People who attend this workshop develop the ability tend to send clear and convincing messages, build powerful relationships and work well in groups.

Building Functional Teams

This workshop explores the dysfunctions that must be overcome so your teams can outperform your rivals. There’s no greater characteristic or quality than trust, which is the foundation for building a team. When teams trust each other they can engage in passionate debate and healthy conflict. This enables them to push one another beyond their comfort zones and commit the best decisions for your organisation.

Additionally, committed teams will hold each other accountable for any behaviours that could be potentially damaging on collective results or your reputation.

Leading Change

For any organisation to survive it must be able to adapt to changing circumstances.  For this to happen the people must be able to adapt and experience tells us that some people are better at dealing with change than others. Also, change can have a significant effect on people’s state and well being through hope, fear, uncertainty, excitement. It is the responsibility of all of us to guide each other through these challenges.

This workshop is an exploration of how to recognise the need for change, remove the barriers and challenge the status quo in pursuit of original solutions to problems.

Workplace Coaching

Developing a coaching relationship means reaching out and establishing contact with people at a personal level. It means getting to know what’s important to your people and learning about their aspirations. A personal connection with your associates is essential. People need to know that you genuinely care and that you have their best interests at heart. They also want to know that you’ll support them in attaining their personal and professional wins. This means providing them with feedback on their performance on a regular basis.

This workshop develops coaching relationships and personal connection to support your teams and provide the feedback they need to attain their goals.