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In general, coaching is the process of helping people and teams to perform at the peak of their abilities. It involves drawing out people’s strengths, helping them to bypass personal barriers and limits in order for them to achieve their personal best, and facilitating them to function more effectively as a team. Thus, effective coaching requires an emphasis on both task and relationship.

Coaching emphasises generative change, concentrating on defining and achieving specific goals. Coaching methodologies are outcome oriented rather than problem focused. They are highly solution focused, promoting the development of new strategies for thinking and acting, as opposed to trying to solve the problems and past conflicts.

Outcomes for Your Organisation

Your organisation will have managers and leaders who:

  • Have greater self-awareness and the ability to reflect on their own performance
  • Encourage increased participation and performance from teams and individuals
  • Have a better understanding and a greater willingness to embrace change
  • Promote a culture of innovation and improvement
  • Develop deeper connections and partnerships with clients and customers
  • Are able to draw out other people’s values and passions
  • Continually seek out new opportunities and realise ways to continually improve the business
  • Enable and empower others – build confidence and motivation in those around them

Outcomes for Individuals

As individuals you will get to:

  • Create a plan for personal and business success
  • Develop a sense of inner certainty and purpose
  • Achieve greater clarity of your own values and motivations
  • Understand the effect your actions and behaviours have on yourself and others
  • Adopt a range of attitudes and skills sets for success in today’s changing work environment
  • Learn to manage your state when the ‘going gets tough’
  • Re-ignite a passion for work