Richard Harrison – Director


I’ve spent the past 10 years helping businesses, like yours, become better versions of themselves. My behavioural workshops will transform the culture in your business. A culture where success is everyone’s focus.

Having previously worked in industry for over 20 years, my training uses the most modern L & D methods, and are built on a real-world foundation. I know the problems you may be experiencing and there’s a fair chance I’ve worked in a similar environment.

My approach is to work closely with you, the business leader, to understand your current culture. While performing this diagnostic, I’ll identify behaviours which are costing you money or preventing you from making more. Once that process is complete, I’ll design a bespoke training package, specifically for your business and staff. I’ll then deliver the training in a lively, energetic and easy-to-digest way that your people will enjoy developing.

After the training has been delivered, I’ll continue to support you and your staff to make sure the new behaviours stick. Changing a workplace culture can be a challenging time for some as it means letting go of established behaviours and trying something new. People react differently to change. Some adapt quickly but others may need more support. And that’s where my continued involvement helps them through the change process.

By investing in my training for your staff, you’re investing in the future prosperity of your business. If your staff have the right tools to succeed, they are equipped to deal with any situation your business experiences in the future. Also, by creating a fantastic culture, you’ll quickly become an employer of choice with high-calibre people wanting to work for you.