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The Meta Skill for Leaders and Teams

The 21st century is both challenging and uncertain and business leaders know they need to upgrade their teams’ abilities. Functional expertise is shifting rapidly and constant learning is necessary to stay on top of the game. However, to thrive in change requires to move beyond subject-matter.

functional expertise

Organisations need to develop their people’s meta-skills — a master skill that magnifies and activates all other skills. A meta-skill is a high order skill that allows you to engage with functional expertise more effectively. It’s a catalyst for learning and building new skills faster. Skills are temporary; meta-skills are permanent.


Adaptability is a competitive advantage — it increases your chances to thrive in change. Research shows that Adaptive Teams procrastinate less, are more productive, creative, and faster. Skills are temporary; meta-skills are permanent.


Adaptability requires understanding reality, adapting our mindset, and adopting new ways of working. To achieve that, our three half day workshops will focus on these critical meta-skills:


  1. Self-aware people are dependable and walk the talk because they know what they stand for. They are confident, easy to trust and have the ability to communicate clearly. Their personal experience enables them to know how to motivate others. This develops their natural instinct to influence their associates and cultivate a culture of individual worth.

By valuing self-awareness, your organisation will gain credibility and respect. Your culture will become authentic, more adaptable and open to change. In short it enables your people to be their best.


2. This day is all about unleashing your creative brain – it’s designed to harness a variety of creative thinking tools in order to generate new ideas.


The workshop enhances creativity in all aspects of work, puts continuous improvement high on the agenda and develops strategies to think outside of the box. It’s designed to give you and your people the courage and confidence to go the extra creative mile that will lead to solutions your organisations is looking for.


3. Resilience is critical to face adversity and recover from failure — discovering new solutions requires experimenting and failing more often than not. Resilience is the capacity to rise above adversity. This workshop develops behavioural strategies to help your teams stay in control when things go wrong.